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Sep 2017

Archipelageek at TGS 2017: Bridging Collaboration Between Game Industries from Indonesia and Japan

There are many lessons that we can learn from the participation in TGS 2017. And what about the future?

islamic games
Sep 2017

Educational and Islamic Game, Huge Market In Indonesia But Difficult to Monetize

At the soft launching of Agate’s new game, Game Anak Sholeh, talked about the emerging potential of educational and religious games in Indonesian market, and the challenge behind it.

indonesian gamers characteristics
Sep 2017

Ex CEO of Square Enix Indonesia Shares About Indonesian Gamers’ Characteristics

Want to know about the general characteristics of Indonesian gamers? Ryo Teruya, the ex CEO of Square Enix Smileworks shares his insights!

Sep 2017

Indonesia’s Game Industry: Are We On The Right Direction?

I’m Arief Widhiyasa from Agate Studio. Here I want to share some insight and thoughts about Indonesia’s Game Industry.

game event and convention
Sep 2017

6 Initiatives from Indonesian Government to Support Game Industry

Here are the list of events that were supported by the Indonesian Government to to support game industry.

game developer
Sep 2017

Indonesian Gamers’ Data in 2017 – Consumer Insight

Before releasing a game, developers and publishers should know gamers’ behavior. What about Indonesian gamers? Let’s take a look at the data.

Aug 2017

Celestian Tales is Set to Bring Its New Sequel: Realms Beyond

Celestian Tales has been around for two years now and the developers, Ekuator Games from Bandung are set to release their upcoming sequel, Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond.

virality vs fanbase sustainable business game industry
Aug 2017

5 Indonesian Mobile Games That Successfully Get More Than 5 Million Downloads

They can reach more than 5 million downloads both in Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, locally and globally. What are them?

Jul 2017

Toge Productions Releases Toge Virgin Bundle 2017 Consists of 7 Premium Games

What’s inside this bundle?

May 2017

Top 5 Game Publishers in Indonesia

Here is the list based on their game, revenue, and also company size.