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Oct 2017

Here Are the Winners of International Mobile Gaming Awards SEA 2017

These are the best mobile games across Southeast Asia and they will compete in IMGA Global!

Oct 2017

Collaborates with Local Game Company, Japanese Legendary Publisher Denyu-Sha Enters Indonesian Market

For their first step, they are set to release a mobile game called Houseki Hunter.

Oct 2017

Burst Fighter Review: A Hard and Fun Shoot’em Up Game but Difficult to Grasp

Burst Fighter is a shoot’em up (SHMUP) game with some cool customizations, challenging levels, but really hard to grasp. Check out the review here!

Oct 2017

Fist of Rage, Touchten’s New Action Game in Collaboration with Deddy Corbuzier

Fist of Rage is 2D action platformer game with Deddy Corbuzier as its main character. The story is about a world where an evil company spreads a virus.

Oct 2017

RedRain Studio: From BEKRAF Game Prime Audience’s Favorite to GameStart 2017

RedRain Studio ready to rock this year’s Southeast Asia premier gaming convention with its mobile game, Tiles of Waktu!

Oct 2017

In Honor of Batik Day, Educa Studio Releases New Board Game: The Heritage of Batik

Batik is one of Indonesia’s most precious heritages. Educa Studio announced to have created a board game based on that fact and call it The Heritage of Batik.

Oct 2017

Mojiken Studio at Indie Area TGS 2017: Tips For Indie Developers Who Want to Participate in Major Events

If you want to showcase your game in TGS, Gamescom, or other major gaming events, you should learn from this Mojiken Studio’s experience while participating in Indie Area TGS 2017.

Oct 2017

Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood, Mintsphere’s Latest PC Game is (Almost) Set for Release

Grimmtale – Red Riding Hood is the newest game by Mintsphere. Because of their success with Fallen Legion, now they will take one step further.

Sep 2017

Sense of Wonder Night at TGS 2017, A Great Benchmark for Indie Game Quality

These Sense of Wonder Night’s winners are great benchmarks to make a standout indie game among the AAA giants.

Sep 2017

Lelang Mania, Card Game by Ghosty’s Comic is Open for Pre-Order

Lelang Mania is a card game made by Ghosty’s Comic in collaboration with Manikmaya Games and PIONICON. It is on the list of Creative Indonesian Board Games/Card Games and set for pre-order. Curious about the game?