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Septian Pamungkas Monkey Melody music and sound
Oct 2017

How Far Do Music and Sound Affect Players’ Experience in Gaming?

Sound is an inseparable aspect in a game. In here we will discuss the meaning of music and sound in game development and some cool examples.

Tahu Bulat 2 Own Games Art Styles
Oct 2017

How Do Developers Determine Art Style in Their Games?

You are a developer, going to make a new game, but don’t have any idea what kind of art style you want to use? Maybe you can consider these factors first.

Oct 2017

Secret Game Marketing Tips From Indomie, World’s Best Selling Instant Noodle (Part 2)

In this second part of the series, I want to share about the product distribution strategy and Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)

important metrics free to play mobile games
Oct 2017

Learn the Basics: 5 Important Metrics for Free-to-Play Mobile Games

Dou you feel confused by so many numbers and metrics in the analytics? Jump into these five important metrics for F2P mobile games first!

profitable gaming app
Oct 2017

Developers Mostly Turn to Video Ads and IAP to Make Money According to Survey

This survey was responded by 20 mobile gaming publishers in Asia Pacific with average 3 mil MAU, about the effectiveness of various monetization methods.

Sep 2017

5 Must Know Aspects To Successfully Deliver Funded Kickstarter Projects

Letting down your backers may be the worst feeling ever. Here’s how to make sure you can deliver your funded Kickstarter project as promised.

Sep 2017

From Legendary Status to Abandoned – How Are Crowdfunded Games in Indonesia Doing?

From gaining legendary status to abandoned projects. These are the state of crowdfunded games in Indonesia. Have you backed one of them?

Sep 2017

What I Learn From 8 Years of Being a Game Developer in a Third World Country (Part 3-End)

In this last part of my article, I will explain about the advantages of living in Indonesia as a game developer.

indonesian game developer 10 years
Sep 2017

Pioneers and Veterans, Words of Wisdom from Indonesian Game Developers That Has Sustained For Over 10 Years

In here, we share six veteran Indonesian game developers that survived through thick and thin, and their wisdom for all of you in the game developer community.

Sep 2017

What I Learn From 8 Years of Being a Game Developer in a Third World Country (Part 2)

What did I learn from 8 years of being a game developer in a third world country? In this part, I will explain about the communities impact and platform dependency.