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The SEA Summit 2017 Game Marketing Strategy
Oct 2017

9 Game Marketing Tips Every Developer Should Know from The SEA Summit 2017

Because even the greatest games of all time don’t market themselves, here are game marketing tips that every developer should know.

Samsung Indonesia Next Apps 4
Oct 2017

Here Are the Winners of Samsung Indonesia Next Apps 4.0!

The winners of Samsung Indonesia Next Apps 4.0 were announced on Monday (9/10/2017). So who are the winners of more than Rp600 million prize?

Tahu Bulat 2 Own Games Art Styles
Oct 2017

How Do Developers Determine Art Style in Their Games?

You are a developer, going to make a new game, but don’t have any idea what kind of art style you want to use? Maybe you can consider these factors first.

Oct 2017

Here Are the Winners of International Mobile Gaming Awards SEA 2017

These are the best mobile games across Southeast Asia and they will compete in IMGA Global!

Sea Summit 2017 Sustainable Game Industry SEA Featured
Oct 2017

How Business in Southeast Asia Work Together to Build Sustainable Game Industry in the Region

Now is the age of collaboration. To be stronger, game industry communities in Southeast Asia must work together. But how can we achieve that?

Audrey FF Feat influential gamers in indonesia
Oct 2017

Reaching to the Masses through Fellow Gamers: 10 Influential Gamers in Indonesia

Need some preferences to an alternative way to market your games? These influential gamers in local Indonesia gaming community might be interested.

Oct 2017

RedRain Studio: From BEKRAF Game Prime Audience’s Favorite to GameStart 2017

RedRain Studio ready to rock this year’s Southeast Asia premier gaming convention with its mobile game, Tiles of Waktu!

Oct 2017

The SEA Summit 2017’s Conference Schedule Confirmed. Here’s The Rundown

The SEA Summit 2017’s conference schedule has been confirmed. From game business’s topics to eSports scene, take a look at the rundown inside!

important metrics free to play mobile games
Oct 2017

Learn the Basics: 5 Important Metrics for Free-to-Play Mobile Games

Dou you feel confused by so many numbers and metrics in the analytics? Jump into these five important metrics for F2P mobile games first!

Oct 2017

Mojiken Studio at Indie Area TGS 2017: Tips For Indie Developers Who Want to Participate in Major Events

If you want to showcase your game in TGS, Gamescom, or other major gaming events, you should learn from this Mojiken Studio’s experience while participating in Indie Area TGS 2017.