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[RedRain Studio: From BEKRAF Game Prime Audience’s Favorite to GameStart 2017]

Oct 2017

RedRain Studio: From BEKRAF Game Prime Audience’s Favorite to GameStart 2017

After successfully grabbing audience’s favorite game in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017, RedRain Studio will bring its game, Tiles of Waktu to Southeast Asia’s premier gaming convention, GameStart 2017!

Three Indonesian game developers will showcase their games in GameStart 2017 Singapore on 14th and 15th October. One of them is RedRain Studio, a game studio from Jakarta that was established since February 2017. In GameStart 2017, they will showcase their mobile game, Tiles of Waktu.

Beside showcasing in GameStart 2017, Tiles of Waktu was also one of the 2nd IMGA SEA‘s nominees. The game will compete with around 70 other games across Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to grab one of the awards categories.

redrain studio gamestart tiles of waktu

Tiles of Waktu is a Puzzle game with RPG twists, by matching the tiles and attacking the monsters. The game has successfully grabbed audience’s attention in BEKRAF Game Prime 2017 last July. It got many votes and made RedRain Studio the winner of Citizen Choice Award in that show. had a chance to make an interview with Yoga Adya Pratama from RedRain Studio. He shared a lot about Tiles of Waktu and RedRain’s plan while in Singapore next week.

Inspired from Puzzle Quest

redrain studio gamestart tiles of waktu

In the beginning, Yoga shared about the concept of the game. “In the beginning, Tiles of Waktu is a matching puzzle game that was targeted for casual gamers, so it can reach wider audiences,” he said. “But, after getting many feedbacks from our players, we decided to make it more interesting by adding some elements like RPG, dungeon exploring, character upgrade, and fighting monsters,” he continued.

“So from those feedbacks, we made the gameplay mechanic more complicated like we can play now in Tiles of Waktu. Puzzle Quest is the game that inspires us a lot. The game can mix the puzzle and RPG elements well so it makes the game more enjoyable,” Yoga said.

redrain studio gamestart tiles of waktu

Not only for the gameplay. RedRain also tries to make a nice background story for this game. This background story tied well with each character, so make them unique. “Every character searches for an entity called Waktu in this game. We prepare some series of background story that tells about each character’s purpose on why they are pursuing the Waktu,” Yoga continues.

Not Only is it a Mobile Game, But it also is a Board Game!

redrain studio gamestart tiles of waktu

When we saw RedRain’s booth at a local event (Compfest 9), they were not only showcasing Tiles of Waktu. They were also showcasing a form of a board game. “Now, we are also designing a board game called Tiles of Kartu, that has similar mechanics with Tiles of Waktu,” Yoga said.

The board game can be played by 2 to 4 players. First, a player must roll the dice and open tiles as much as the number shown in the dice. And then, the player must find the tiles’ pair on the board. A player who can get 3 pairs of tiles first will win the game. There is also a character card that has special ability to make the game more complicated and interesting.

“Currently, we are collecting feedback from players about the board game. And also, we want to know what they think if we released this board game commercially,” Yoga said. “We also have a plan to bring this board game to campaign on the Kickstarter in the near future” he continues.

tiles of waktu redrain studio gamestart 2017

Yoga said that they will also bring this board game to showcase in GameStart 2017. “The attendance can get our merchandise by playing the digital and board game, and give us some feedback,” he teases.

What is RedRain Prepare for GameStart 2017?

tiles of waktu redrain studio gamestart 2017

Showcasing your game in a major gaming event like GameStart 2017 needs some preparation. So does RedRain studio. “Besides preparing Tiles of Waktu and Tiles of Kartu, we also prepare some property and merchandise for our booth. We also do some balancing in Tiles of Waktu and prepare some updates,” Yoga said. They are also planning to join The SEA Summit to learn from the industry experts.

“We hope, by participating in this event, it can expose our studio and games to wider market, Asia. We also hope to meet some industry experts and learn from their experience. And, we hope that we can win an award in the 2nd IMGA SEA so that we can accelerate our studio’s growth in the future,” he hoped.

GameStart 2017 to Return Bigger and Better with More Content!

This Southeast Asia’s premier game convention, GameStart 2017 will return this October with more content than last year!
Baca Juga

In the end, Yoga also shared RedRain’s plan for the Tiles of Waktu‘s future update such as Pet System; Equipment System; More Levels and Monsters; Random Game Mode; and Character’s Skill Awakening.

Tiles of Waktu was already released for Android, and you can try the game through a link below. And also, if you like the game, you can vote to support them in the 2nd IMGA SEA through this link.

Tiles of Waktu download: Android (Free)

Good luck for RedRain Studio!

Febrianto Nur Anwari
Febrianto Nur Anwari is the Senior Editor of He started his career in game industry as a game journalist since 2008, and was one of the initial members of since 2011. His biggest interest is local game developer scene. Currently, his mission is to spread the news about Indonesia’s game industry to both local and international game and creative industry’s enthusiast.
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