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[Fist of Rage, Touchten’s New Action Game in Collaboration with Deddy Corbuzier]

Oct 2017

Fist of Rage, Touchten’s New Action Game in Collaboration with Deddy Corbuzier

One of Indonesia’s top gaming developer, Touchten Games released their newest game, Fist of Rage. The game is most noteworthy for its collaboration with Deddy Corbuzier.

Fist of Rage is 2D action platformer game with Deddy Corbuzier as its main character. The story is about a world where an evil company spreads a virus. As a result, this makes people suffer from cancer.

Therefore, Chika, a genius scientist makes a vaccine for the people to consume. The company that spreads the virus do not like it and tries to steal the vaccine.

This is where Deddy who is an awesome MMA fighter steps in to protect the vaccines from the evil corporation. Can Deddy and Chika save the lives of the many?

Trend: Collaboration with Entertainers

Fist of Rage

The reason why Touchten Games and Deddy Corbuzier chose the theme action fighting is that of Deddy’s background in martial arts.

Although most of the Indonesian people recognize Deddy as a magician, oppositely, Deddy is a good martial arts fighter. This is not the first time though that an Indonesian game developer collaborated with an entertainer.

Touchten Games itself collaborated with Youtuber, Reza “Arap” Octavian to create Rapstronaut: Space Journey. Agate Studio from Bandung also did a collaboration with Youtuber Edho Zell in creating Edho Zell: Tap Tap Nyamuk.

Gameplay Review

The base control of this game is simple and easy to understand. Although the controls are simple, the gameplay itself is quite challenging. You will be given a virtual controller on the bottom right and bottom left of your screen. This controller will allow your character to move and perform actions.

At first, we were quite shocked that there were no tutorials whatsoever. However the tutorial was not in the form of a special stage, but in the very first stage in the form of a poster while moving forward.

There are lots of combination moves we can perform such as double jump, in the air jump, or grasping the enemy and hitting him/her while grasping. But going through enemies will require precision and composure as we require around one hour to complete the first stage. But overall, it was quite fun.


The target of Fist of Rage is people who love fighting games and also admire Deddy Corbuzier as an icon. We personally love the tense and story of the game, but we all know that this game is segmented and niche.

Although the game is very niche, the effort that the game brings with its story and character is very touching. Both Deddy and Touchten Games obviously support cancer awareness through this game. The launch of the game itself is the month of breast cancer awareness which is October.

Hopefully, in the near future, collaboration between game developers and entertainers will rise even more. But most importantly, we hope that game developers will see making game as an opportunity to support and create awareness.

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Download Fist of Rage NOW via | Download Fist of Rage on Google Play Store | Download Fist of Rage on Apple App Store

For more info on this game, please visit their official fan page: Fan Page Fist of Rage

Edited by Devi

Muhammad Bilal Syahrir
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