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[Burst Fighter Review: A Hard and Fun Shoot’em Up Game but Difficult to Grasp]

Oct 2017

Burst Fighter Review: A Hard and Fun Shoot’em Up Game but Difficult to Grasp

Burst Fighter is a shoot’em up (SHMUP) game with some cool customizations, challenging levels, but really hard to grasp.
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Burst Fighter is developed by Magesoft, a game developer from Malang, Indonesia. Greenlit in mid-2016, this indie game was finally released on 16 September 2017.

In this game, like most of SHMUPS, your job is to evade rains of enemy bullets and shoot them all at the same time. The stage is complete when you kill the boss (who has a health gauge). Your ship will explode when your shield is gone and an enemy bullet hit the ship’s core. The game is over when a number of ships available are depleted.

The story is about humanity’s survival against a powerful alien race, which is ruled by “Mother”. Your goal is, of course, to beat this Mother. You are a mother-beater. There is a twist in the story though in the end, if… you get it until the end.

Actually, at least for me, the story didn’t really affect my gameplay experience. It is a story made to accompany the game and doesn’t necessarily important.

When I started to play Burst Fighter, it burst me into the scene (pun intended) without any explanation at all, besides of how to control my ship. Before I burst into action, first I must determine what kind of ships and weapons that I will bring.

There are some types of ship skins which I think don’t affect the gameplay experience apart from it being decorative. Then there are Core, Wings, and Weapon. These three parts determine what kind of bullets you will be shooting and their shooting angles too. So these are very important to understand.

Unfortunately, there are no guide or tutorial about it and I have to try it myself. After some time, I finally grasped what is the function of each part and weapon.The three of ship parts have same options that you can choose, those are Focus, Wild, Lancer, Arc, Blade, and Angel. Each of them comes with different kind of bullets.

Focus, for example, has little bullets going straight vertically. Wild bullets are shooting wide and good to shoot spread enemies. Lancer will shoot laser from the ship which has bigger damage. Arc ables you to shoot missile-like bullets that will chase the nearest enemy in certain proximity. Blade is a blade-like weapon which will only damage enemies near you, but has biggest damage. And Angel will have bullets coming out from various angles, it covers almost every angles.

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Burst Fighter 1

The Core part is used for the ship’s “bomb” or special ability. At the start of a new ship, you will have two special ability slots filled. You can fill them again by shooting enemies. It will replenish the “charge” gauge, thus fill the special ability slots. When you use special ability, you will be invulnerable. This really comes handy when you are cornered by enemy bullets, anytime in the game. It is better to lose one special ability token than to lose a ship.

You can preview the angles and types of bullets shot by the ship in the customization interface. So you can imagine how your bullets will spread when you play.

The ship customization interface certainly need a little makeover, but overall it is still playable (and possible to complete, at least in the Normal Mode). You will learn as you play, do a little trial and error through different kinds of weapons, which is actually fun.

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Arya Wibowo
Arya is a gamer dad, boardgame geek, and game industry enthusiast. He loves strategy games and soccer games.
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