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[Archipelageek at TGS 2017: Bridging Collaboration Between Game Industries from Indonesia and Japan]

Sep 2017

Archipelageek at TGS 2017: Bridging Collaboration Between Game Industries from Indonesia and Japan

Some of Indonesian game developers and publishers already exhibited their creation in Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017. Under the name of Archipelageek, there are many lessons that we can learn from the participation.

The Archipelageek’s booth itself was located in Asia New Star area in hall 2 with booths from other countries like Malaysia and India. There were some big developers and publishers who also building booths in this hall like Koei Tecmo and DMM Games. Also, in this area, there was Family Game Park, a specific area dedicated for family and kids who want to play games.

archipelageek tgs 2017

There were 3 goals of Archipelageek’s participation in TGS 2017. First, it is to showcase products to the Japanese market. Second, it is to secure business deals with industry players from Japan. And third, it is also to build networking to accelerate the growth of Indonesia’s Game Industry.

archipelageek tgs 2017

After four days exhibiting in TGS 2017, has this booth already achieved its goals? “TGS 2017  is absolutely an event that opens our mind,” said Cipto Adiguno from AGI and also the person who organized this booth. “We can see that our game industry is too far behind Japan who has a big scale,” he continues.

Lesson Learned: Collaboration

archipelageek tgs 2017

Cipto also said that Indonesia game industry’s stakeholders aren’t strong enough to go forward alone. “Like Archipelageek that was formed from a collaboration between association (AGI) and the government (BEKRAF), the industry’s stakeholders should open their mind to collaborate with other parties such as industry’s stakeholders from Japan,” Cipto said.

archipelageek tgs 2017

The Archipelageek booth itself played a role as “nexus”. Developers and publishers could invite their potential partner to discuss business opportunities in this booth. Beside this booth, Cipto said that he also set up meetings with other big companies. “Our hope is AGI can connect them so they can collaborate with Indonesia’s stakeholders. The final goal is to increase export value, which is BEKRAF’s main target.

Do’s and Don’ts While Exhibiting in TGS 2017

archipelageek tgs 2017

Cipto also shared some insight about the do’s and don’ts for developers who want to exhibit in TGS in the future. “The most important thing is, your main purpose is business,” Cipto Said. “If you only want to showcase or sell your game, it would not be worth with your expenses. To make the effort worth it, you should search potential collaboration that has financial value,” he continues.

archipelageek tgs 2017

“Such as, you can meet publisher so that you can invade Japanese market. Or, you can accept outsourcing work from Japanese company. Prepare some flyers and merchandise to share with the attendance. Bring a lot of name cards, and summarize your work in one or two sentences,” Cipto shares his insight.

Beyond the Expectation

archipelageek tgs 2017

After four days in the convention, Cipto said that Archipelageek’s result is beyond the expectation. “But, generally the business isn’t deal in that show and need to follow up furthermore. So, we must evaluate the progress of all potential partners before summarizing this initiative,” he said.

archipelageek tgs 2017

BEKRAF and AGI Show Their Support to Indonesia’s Game Industry Through Archipelageek Booth in TGS 2017

This kind of support will open the chance of collaboration between Indonesia and Japan's game industry.
Baca Juga

As a closing, he said that Archipelageek will continue to show in other international gaming conventions. “But, we still discuss internally with AGI for the possibility to join another international event,” he ended.

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Febrianto Nur Anwari
Febrianto Nur Anwari is the Senior Editor of He started his career in game industry as a game journalist since 2008, and was one of the initial members of since 2011. His biggest interest is local game developer scene. Currently, his mission is to spread the news about Indonesia’s game industry to both local and international game and creative industry’s enthusiast.
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