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[This Indonesian Game Developer Releases Mobile Game for Japanese Market!]

Aug 2017

This Indonesian Game Developer Releases Mobile Game for Japanese Market!

One of the biggest Indonesia game developers Agate Studio has just released a new mobile game called Dungeon Chef. This game brings something different from other games because this game combines two popular genre which are cooking and Role Playing Game (RPG).

This game tells stories about a kid who inherits his grandfather’s restaurant. This restaurant used to be the most famous place in this village. But sadly, it must stop operate because the owner disappeared when battling a powerful monster. Now, you must restore its glory.

To realize the dream, player will get role as the new owner of the restaurant. Player will be taught on how to make the most delicious food and how to battle the monsters to get the ingredients of the recipe.

Dungeon Chef

If the player can complete an order, the level will raise up. In this game, player also gets a daily bonus inside the game by login to this game daily.

The most interesting part is not onky was the Dungeon Chef  released in Indonesia, but also it was released in Japan through Android and iOS platform!

Dungeon Chef

“Japan is a country that gains the second highest profit in mobile game industry and there are a lot of mobile gamers in there,” said Andrew Budi Pratomo, the Product Manager of Dungeon Chef. “We saw this chance and want to penetrate that market with Dungeon Chef because this game’s theme is very popular in there,” he continued.

Dungeon Chef

Dungeon Chef  was already released in Japanese market and also global market on the late July 2017 through Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. “Our hope is, this game will be well received by Japanese mobile gamers because its popular theme,” Andrew added.

Wanna try the Dungeon Chef? You can download the game for Android and iOS through this link

Download Dungeon Chef: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)

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Febrianto Nur Anwari
Febrianto Nur Anwari is the Senior Editor of He started his career in game industry as a game journalist since 2008, and was one of the initial members of since 2011. His biggest interest is local game developer scene. Currently, his mission is to spread the news about Indonesia’s game industry to both local and international game and creative industry’s enthusiast.
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